Leverage Google My Business during COVID-19 Pandemic

Google My Business is partnering with, multiple tech companies in order to provide easy meal ordering for restaurants and a plethora of gift card options for local businesses. Lean how to set up a listing, or let us do it for you!

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Google My Business is an essential tool for every business, since it makes it easier for customers to find, and locate accurate information about your business on Google. If you haven’t claimed your GMB listing head over to google.com/business, or if you want us to create and optimize it for you (for free – seriously), fill out the form above, or use our contact page to include more details. We are offering select services including web design and search engine optimization for free and reduced prices in order to support local businesses during this pandemic.

What is Google My Business?

Did you know a whopping 46% of Google searches are seeking local information? That’s a lot of people searching for your business. In 2014 Google launched Google My Business, in order to show accurate business information in a quick and easy to view form. That is what all of those sidebars are when you search stuff on Google. And the best way to provide accurate information, is to source it right from the business owner themselves.

Here are a few important GMB features:

  1. Displays accurate Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP)
  2. Shows business hours
  3. Displays customer reviews (and allows the owner to respond)
  4. Direct messaging – for quick customer questions
  5. Menus and online ordering integration (Restaurants)
  6. Displays photos of foods, products, locations, and services

Why do you need to claim your GMB listing?

Simple. Google has a 92% search market share for their search engines, so you (the business owner) wants to make sure people are seeing accurate information. You wouldn’t want your customers to show up at the wrong address, or come right before closing, so take the time to do you and your customers a favor. And the bonus – your business also shows up on Google maps, so people driving by can see you on their GPS.

I never set up a profile, why does my business appear?

Google collects a ton of data, so chances are that they pulled business data from a similar business directory such as Yelp, or Facebook. However, it is still important to claim your listing, so that you can update and control the information presented there.

Sounds Great, How do I get started?

Google make the process very simple, but you should check to see if you already have a listing.

  1. Make sure you have a Google Account
  1. Go to google.com/business and click “Manage Now”
  1. Begin typing your business name in the field. If you already have a listing, select it so that you can manage it, if not click “create a business with this name”
  1. Fill in the following information (Category, Name, Address, Phone Number) when prompted to do so
Make sure you include ALL service locations above (if you are a contractor without a physical location)
  1. In the end, you’ll be prompted to create your GMB page. Now, you can manage it.
  2. Fill in any additional info. Here are a few important things to fill out
    1. Your Name, Address, and Phone (known as your NAP)
    2. Your website. If you don’t have a website Google can automatically generate one for you however, we don’t recommend using their services since… let’s just say the websites aren’t the best.
    3. A business description
    4. Your Hours (including holiday hours)
    5. Photos (You need a cover photo, which should be a photo of your main entrance)
    6. Your services (or menu)

Now that you have filled in the required information, you may notice that your results aren’t showing up on Google. That’s because the require you to verify your business (to make sure you’re the owner). There are a few ways to verify your business, but the most common one presented to businesses is the verification via postcard. Google will send you a postcard (to your business address) with a confirmation number which you will enter back into GMB in order to verify your listing.

GMB’s importance COVID-19

Google added a ton of new features (and sadly, temporarily suspended some) in order to support businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Take a look at some of them:

Google is allowing registered businesses who have been verified before March 1, 2020, the ability to integrate Gift Card and Donation Buttons. However, you must first have an account with one of their third party providers.

If you’re interested in setting up a Donation Button, visit the Donation Info Page

Online Ordering Options

To add ordering options, go to your GMB Dashboard, under “info” click “attributes.” Restaurants should see attribute options for different forms of food delivery. Make sure to select all applicable attributes so that customers can find accurate information.

To add buttons for online ordering, Google automatically detects them from partner providers. To get started setup and create an account with a partner provider. We have listed some of the popular choices below:

We suggest that you talk with fellow restaurant owners and take a look at online reviews since each provider has different pricing structures and features. You are also able to add a plain menu to your page, which we highly recommend for restaurant owners.

Covid-19 Alert

Google My Business Covid-19 Alert

To add a COVID Alert/Update open your GMB dashboard or app, navigate to posts, and create a “COVID-19 update.” You are also able to add a button linking back to your website for more information.

Ad Grants

As part of Google’s coronavirus relief efforts, they promised to donate $340 million in Google Ads Grants. There are special eligibility requirements, so please refer to Google’s Ad Grant page for more details.

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