Covid-19 Initiatives


Let's help 30 businesses in 30 days

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Why We're Providing Free Services

I always feel that people should be transparent about discounts and offers that seem too good to be true. I am trying to be as transparent as possible about these discounts as they are worth a lot of money. I am fortunate enough to be in a sector where I’m able to work remotely, meaning that I don’t have expensive rent and utility bills to pay even when I have no business. I’m also a high school student who doesn’t have to pay for living costs. So compared to other businesses my monthly operating costs are much lower than others and I hope to provide value to businesses who are looking for digital marketing services.

– Nikhil Radosevich

Covid-19 Offers and Discounts

30 Minute Marketing Call

Start Here

We want to meet with business owners and see how we can help with their digital marketing needs. Web Design, Reporting, Advertising, Referrals and Social Media Marketing are just a few channels that us business owners use to acquire new customers. We want to hear what you’re doing and provide feedback on how you can improve your digital marketing strategy.

We’ll discuss the results of your SEO audit and continue to send you monthly reports for the next 6 months. Then we’ll see which of the following services are needed for your business.

Web Design + Development (Free-ish)

2/5 Claimed

Website design and development is an expensive and complicated process. We would like to interview and approve clients before offering this service. The free product will be limited to the following specifications:

  • 4 Pages
  • 2 Rounds of Revision
  • Only for websites on our Hosting and Maintenance Plans
  • Hosting and Maintenance Plan begin at project initiation

Google My Business Optimization (Free)

4/30 Claimed

Google My Business is an essential tool for all businesses, especially during the pandemic. We wrote a short article mentioning GMB’s new features for COVID-19. We will be providing our full-on Google My Business Optimization Service that we provide to paying clients. Business owners do not need to have a website, or any digital presence. Please contact us so we can schedule a time to talk about your business.

Search Engine Optimization Audit (Free)

2/Unlimited Claimed

This is our full SEO audit that we give to client. Please note that this service was always complementary – we are just including it on this page for your information. We can perform this audit on any website, even those that we are unable provide SEO services for.

SEO Jumpstart (Free)

2/10 Claimed

Our Full SEO Jumpstart service with no compromises. Search Engine Optimization will help your business rank higher for keywords such as “burgers in delmar” (if you sell burgers). This helps gain customers from online searches.

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