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Nikhil Radosevich founder of Ortana Technologies
Nikhil Radosevich - Founder

Our Story

Nikhil Radosevich is a technology enthusiast who attends Bethlehem Central High School. In 2017, his friends asked him to create a website for their soccer news website called Stoppage Time. Within two months of the launch, the website was receiving over 4,000 pageviews per month.

He began making websites for community organizations, until he decided to create Ortana Technologies. A business that provides affordable web services for the local community.

Establishing Credibility

A beautiful website with a custom email address @yourdomain.com instantly boosts your credibility whether you are a small business owner, a non-profit, or a student.

Increasing Revenue

Ortana Technologies' services are designed to improve your visibility online. We use powerful analytic software to monitor and optimize your website to perform at its best.

About Nikhil


Nikhil has been passionate about technology his whole life, he is always experimenting with something whether it is a new app, a robot, or a website. Designing websites is one of his favorite ways to learn new skills and help people. He also enjoys analyzing data from his clients’ websites to make them better.