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Ortana Technologies Web Design
Nikhil Radosevich founder of Ortana Technologies
Nikhil Radosevich - Founder

Nikhil has been building websites for over 3 years, he’s worked on small websites and large news websites as the advertising, marketing and developer lead. He knows how to build a successful website for your business.

As a high school student I am looking to gain knowledge adding to my 4+ years of web design experience, and help others in my community achieve success

Unlike many other web development companies, we stay with you after the website has been completed making sure it works while providing ideas on how to improve based on our data analytics tools.

We are a dynamic company that can adapt to suit your business’ needs. Ortana Technologies also offers flexible payment plans to help you quickly launch your website.

Advanced Reporting

Using Data to Improve Your Business

We use analytics software to figure out how people interact with your site. Then we’ll send you interactive reports every month so you know exactly how well your website is doing.


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See What Our Clients Say About Us
Delmar Troop 71 - Ortana Tech Web Design Client

Delmar Troop 71

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"Nikhil was very helpful in providing out local Scout Troop with a website. All of the other troops in our area have a website and we felt behind. Now, our website looks so much better and we even have an email address at our custom domain! His web design skills are truly amazing."
Vikash R
Delmar Troop 71
"After Ortana Technologies began working with Stoppage Time, we witnessed a complete transformation of our site. Their helpful, friendly, and easy-to-understand web design advice had a huge impact for us. This included SEO, which resulted in 4,000 pageviews in the first two months. "
Stoppage Time's Logo
Jack Newell
Stoppage Time - Delmar, NY
Stoppage Time - Ortana Technologies Website Design Client

Stoppage Time

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First Robotics Team 7651 Website Hosting and Managment

Bethlehem Robotics

Resources Page · Custom Email · Contact Form

"When our team was overwhelmed with building, fundraising, as well as other responsibilities, running a website was the last of our concerns. Thanks to Nikhil, we were able to have a beautiful, amazing, and professional website which was helped us to spread the word of 7651 on a much larger scale"
Bethlehem First Robotics Logo Team 7651
Nicholas Watson
Bethlehem Robotics Team 7651